Higher Ed is Current Ed

Feel like thinking big?

Here are three lectures that address some extremely important questions and issues. I encourage you set aside some time to avail yourself to this learning. There is some immensely valuable perspective and insight here:

Why Cities Grow, Corporations Die, and Life Gets Faster by theoretical physicist Geoffrey West.1

Civilization Far From Equilibrium: Energy, Complexity and Human Survival by interdisciplinary researcher and complex system theorist Thomas Homer-Dixon.2

How to Feed the World in 2050? featuring highlight thoughts by MS Swaminathan, Renata Brooks, Sam Archer, Matthew Wright, and Brian Keating.3

  1. The Long Now Foundation, Seminar on Long-Term Thinking, 07/25/11 []
  2. Presented at the Equinox Summit – Energy 2030. []
  3. Recorded at the 2011 National Climate Change Research Policy for Primary Industries Conference []
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